Joanne's Practice



Holistic Therapy

As mental/emotional health depends on self-acceptance at least as much as self-improvement, learning to cultivate an observing self, of both our inner and outer lives, invites self-acceptance and a deeper integration.  

The therapeutic journey involves discovering inner resources for self-healing, and a renewed sense of meaning and purpose, which allows us to explore the role of empathy and compassion in our challenge to lead conscious, vibrant, creative, integrated lives.


Wellness consultations

 Weaving insights from the ancient wisdom traditions, depth psychology, feminist and world theology; Joanne assists clients in exploring their personal stories with grace, humor and a deep compassion. 

For clients who are interested, she may also incorporate herbal remedies and teas, flower essences and alternative approaches to mental/emotional health in a uniquely holistic approach



Please check back for upcoming workshops.