Joanne O’Neil has been in private practice for thirty-five years, integrating dynamic psychotherapy, transpersonal vision, insight dialogue, contemplative practices, quantum energetic healing practices, and clinical herbalism in a uniquely holistic approach to emotional wellness.  A versatile and creative psychotherapist, Joanne is certified in Psychosynthesis and earned a M.A. in Healing Arts from Goddard College.  She has had extensive training in Spiritual Psychology @ the Concord Institute, Gestalt therapy, Psychodrama techniques, Hospice trained and experienced in grief, bereavement, trauma and recovery work, and energy medicine techniques. She is a Reiki II practitioner.

Joanne practices meditation and teaches her interested clients vipassana meditation.  Her extensive studies of the ancient wisdom traditions and the energetics of subtle anatomy guide and inform her deep listening skills.  Her collaboration and study with many contemporary talented and original thinkers serves as a foundation for her work with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Since 1975, Joanne has held numerous clinical and leadership positions in the human services.  These professional experiences in the mental health field afford her a broad, multi-faceted perspective in her work.

A perennial student, she has studied with many respected herbal teachers since 1989.  Her passion for plant medicine and the healing properties available in all aspects of the natural world shape and guide her work.  In 1998, Joanne began an organic herbal tea business, Moonrise Medicinals.  She delights in knowing the larger public is quietly discovering the delicious and healing properties of plant medicines through her handcrafted tea blends, one teapot at a time.

In her quiet time Joanne loves music, singing and the arts, wandering in woods and fields, purple-thumb gardening, traveling, the art of puttering, swimming, oceans and rivers, reading voluminously, and writing. Her book, The Art of Presence; One Path Towards Peace, was introduced to the world in July of 2010.

Joanne’s experiences as a mother, a professional in the mental health field for thirty five years, a champion of children and adolescents and their care, and a holistic health care practitioner of the Wise Woman Tradition, have convinced her of the importance of ministering to the whole person with deep presence and reverence.

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